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Welcome to our dynamic course schedule, where your journey to firearm proficiency begins. Whether you’re seeking foundational knowledge or looking to refine your skills, our diverse schedule ensures there’s a course suited to every skill level and interest.

Please note that if the links below doesn’t provide you a result, you missed the available course(s) for the current year.

New shooters

We strongly recommend you to register one of our “Introduction To Firearms” course. This introduction will provide you the key concepts of firearm safety and a chance to try different types of weapon within a safe environment.

Start on your journey to firearm mastery by registering for our “Basic Pistol” or “Basic Rifle” course. These foundational programs lay the groundwork for a solid understanding of responsible gun ownership and essential shooting skills, ensuring you build a strong and informed foundation from the start.

We encourage you to register to one of our Medical Trainings as well.


Having secured a solid foundation, intermediate shooters can now explore our specialized courses tailored for specific skill development. From precision pistol marksmanship to dynamic rifle training, these courses are designed to challenge and refine your abilities.

Pistol Drills
Rifle Drills
Low Light Pistol Course
Close quarter Course
Avtomat Kalashnikova (AK)
Revolver essentials
K31 Course

Whenever you see in the conditions that you must have basic instruction in pistol or rifle, it doesn’t need to be provided by us. If you have received formal instruction in the military, police, security, or from other firearm training groups, you are entitled to register. Please contact us if you have any doubt.


Our trainings goes beyond the basics, providing a challenging yet rewarding experience for those seeking to push the boundaries of their firearm proficiency.

Extended Pistol Training
Extended Rifle Training
Dynamic Training
NVG Training

Thank you for exploring our range of courses.
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