About us

Chocolate Warfare is a non-profit association that brings together shooting enthusiasts in Switzerland. Our motivations are the promotion of dynamic shooting, sharing know-how, interpersonal skills and the improvement of our shooting techniques.

Promotion of dynamic shooting

Dynamic shooting is revealed in different forms and allows its practitioners to acquire a multitude of knowledge in different areas: bodily motor skills, concentration, mechanical knowledge, ballistic understanding and more.

Discovering these different practices and ensuring succession is essential so that this knowledge continues to be shared across generations.

Sharing of know-how

Techniques and technologies evolve over time. We are convinced that an Open Source approach (test, validate and share) is essential to stay up to date.

In particular, you can join us on our Discord server to exchange with us!

Technical improvement

We regularly organize training sessions with the aim of perfecting our technique, trying new tools and forming our own opinions.

We also do research and development to offer tools and materials for shooters and instructors to be more effective during shooting sessions.